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History of Clinic

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Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Shivani Sood, (B.A.M.S, M.D, C.F.N)

“Inside each of us is a deep healing power; unfortunately we have been conditioned to look for temporary solutions to problems, rather than learning to connect with it. I have always felt that self-discovery, and the effort we put in, are the key to health and happiness. Over the years I have gained a deep understanding of the uniqueness of each person, we need to identify with this core to... Readmore

Dr. Mahesh Kumar, (B.A.M.S), M.D, DMP

“I believe in the power of nature and how things happen naturally. Since I was young, natural remedies have fascinated me, observing how big diseases fall apart with small adjustments done in one’s personal behaviour and lifestyle. This was the base of my ayurvedic education &made me wonder through different teachers in...


Wow, what a rollercoaster ride these 21 days, have given me!! Both physically & emotionally speaking. I feel amazing inside and out have a new appreciation for my body.food nutrition & way of life I hope to follow this healthy path .as it has changed so much about my own attitude towards myself.i feel more positive & at easy & want to thank the whole team. Tatvaina


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Dr Shivani Sood is a part 2009 expo speakers along with world renowned Speakers like Deepak Chopra.

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Internationaly Collabrated


History of the Clinic
August 2001 Shivani Clinic is established in maharastra.
May 2003 Shivani Clinic is relocated to bhagsunag dharamshala and collaborates with asho healing institue to start our education faculty under the asho panel.
2004-2006 Clinic prospers and is visited by many rational minded students , patients and develops more experience and growth.
October 2006 International collabrations starts first with sweden and denmark for speading our ayurvedic knowledge and continues till date with various countries.
January 2007 A new site for building up our own clinic is finalsied and approved by town and coutry planning.
2008 A historic year where we build our our own treatment faculty and education centre amidst nature and also had visits from various prestigious groups like kahuna valley headed by francesco garripoli and made some great clincal studies and surveys.
8th March 2009 We completed our vision of building our own centre, finnaly having the space and standard we always wanted to offer our patients.
2008 - 2012 Years of clinical studies which have advanced our understanding of people from different origins. Our clinical studies have also been enhanced through wrld wide travel, as we have gained an indepth understanding of various lifestyles and psychology.We enjoy ,and continue our journey
2013 Collaborated with JAPA Yoga in Berlin, and collaborations for panchakarma group to India.visits to Germany in winter.
2014 Introduction to our ayurvedic practices in Holland , with consultations , marma treatment.
This year continues to be a landmark year as we open our HOTEL "Shivani International " for the stay of our patients with a organic food restaurant in it .