History of the Clinic :

The centre is comprised of ‘Asho Ayurveda’ which is our education faculty and the ‘Shivani Clinic & Panchakarma Centre’ which is our treatment faculty. We have been established since 2001. The centre practices Ayurveda in a scientific manner, making sure that we do not diminish the essence of this 5000 year old system. We are therefore uniquely positioned to explain and treat Indians and Westerners alike who want to learn about or receive ayurvedic treatments without getting mystified by traditions, which sometimes lack explanation.



In today’s world people could have money, fame, and live a comfortable, even luxurious lifestyle and still be deeply unhappy and unsatisfied. Working in the field of health and teaching others has helped us to gain the mental satisfaction so many are seeking, and to live more balanced lifestyle mentally and physically. Ayurveda makes us  aware of our deep-seated emotions and health, which means we can solve our problems permanently rather than continuously tackling the symptoms.


August 2001 Shivani Clinic is established in maharastra.
May 2003 Shivani Clinic is relocated to bhagsunag dharamshala and collaborates with asho healing institue to start our education faculty under the asho panel.
2004-2006 Clinic prospers and is visited by many rational minded students , patients and develops more experience and growth.
October 2006 International collabrations starts first with sweden and denmark for speeding our ayurvedic knowledge and continues till date with various countries.
January 2007 A new site for building up our own clinic is finalsied and approved by town and country planning.
2008 A historic year where we build our own treatment faculty and education centre amidst nature and also had visits from various prestigious groups like kahuna valley headed by francesco garripoli and made some great clincal studies and surveys.
8th March 2009 We completed our vision of building our own centre, finally having the space and standard we always wanted to offer our patients.
2008 - 2015 Years of clinical studies which have advanced our understanding of people from different origins. Our clinical studies have also been enhanced through world wide travel, as we have gained an in depth understanding of various lifestyles and psychology. We enjoy , and continue our journey.

Mission Statement of Our Centre :

  • The aim of the Centre is to promote authentic practice and teaching of ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma. Our qualified doctors provide excellent ayurvedic health care with scientific explanations, and understanding of the human body.
  • Based on the research done in the Shivani Clinic we are collecting clinical data and empowering our students with scientific treatment techniques and knowledge of herbal medicines which adds a special dimension to the education. We regularly conduct consultations and ayurvedic workshops on different topics ranging from ayurvedic concepts, nutrition and ayurvedic psychology, all over the world with prestigious organisations including Kahuna valley in Hawaii, Shree Dhanwantari centre in Berlin., Dvi Pada Yoga Centre in Germany, Ayurvedana in Switzerland and many more.
  • We have created a calm environment, with high standards of hygiene for our natural treatments. Our patients are cared for with utmost sensitivity and tenderness during their deep detoxification process. After the treatment, we have a consultation, based around creating awareness deepening the understanding of sickness in the body. We provide proper guidelines and tools to improve the quality of life, using a personalised combination of natural herbs and diet.
  • We have successfully healed people with a variety of ailments through our unique approach of reaching the mind through the body. Over the years we have cured patients with numerous diseases and problems, including: lactose intolerance, psoriasis, menstrual problems, infertility, obesity, a variety of emotional imbalances, joint problems, ulcers, high acidity, multiple sclerosis, the list goes on…..
  • Our panchakarma faculty is the largest treatment centre in Dharamshala with a treatment capacity of 20 people per day. We have a modern sauna room, and insulated treatment rooms. (It is the first centre in Dharamshala to have insulated rooms) We maintain high standards of hygiene with our professional treatment team lead by the doctors Shivani Sood (B.A.M.S, M.D, C.F.N) and Mahesh Kumar (B.A.M.S), M.D, DMP. We supply the best ayurvedic medicine collected from all over the country which is exclusively for our patients.
  • All of this would not be possible without the support of our patients and students who have given us their unconditional support and love and believed in our organization. Thank you all for your support for all our projects.