Dr. Mahesh Kumar

(B.A.M.S), M.D, DMP

(A world renowned Ayurvedic practionar)

“I believe in the power of nature and how things happen naturally. Since I was young, natural remedies have fascinated me, observing how big diseases fall apart with small adjustments done in one’s personal behaviour and lifestyle. This was the base of my ayurvedic education &made me wonder through different teachers in Kerela after I completed my formal education. Over the years applying these principals of tradition and science I have seen massive improvements in people’s health and mind. Which continues to amaze me with the word nature.”

Dr Mahesh is known for his way of integrating modern scientific concepts and ayurveda, making it easy for anyone to relate to and understand. He started his ayurvedic journey with a doctorate degree (B.A.M.S) Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, from a reputed Govt. College. He is also registered with the central Indian medical council in Mumbai, Practitioners Act Maharastra.

Captivated by the secrets of traditional medicine, he then did a Post Graduate degree in ayurvedic medicine. He studied with various ancient practitioners in Kerala and learned the different techniques, of traditional therapies. He finished his studies with one year degree in traditional medicine and Panchakarma.