Patient Feedback

We have had a desire to have children for a long time. Classical doctors explained to us that thiswill be happen only by insemination but we had the wish and believe to get achild on a natural way. We caught attention of Dr. Shivani Sood and Dr. MaheshKumar during their stay for consultation in Berlin. We followed theirrecommendation for a panchakarma treatment at the Shivani Clinic andPanchakarma Centre in Bhagsunag. Due to their special treatments the pregnancyfollowed directly after the treatment. Now we are very happy with the birth ofour son and can warmly recommend the treatment to couples in a similarsituation.

-Antje und Thoma

Wow, what a rollercoaster ride these 21 days, have given me!! Both physically & emotionally speaking. I feel amazing inside and out have a new appreciation for my nutrition & way of life I hope to follow this healthy path .as it has changed so much about my own attitude towards myself.i feel more positive & at easy & want to thank the whole team. Tatvaina


1st may 2011 Oh, what spring cleaning this year 21 days panchkarma has really been a perfect worth undertaking this year! I was not sure what to expect some emotional …..,some physical improvement. As the beginning of the therapies –I noticed in my morning yoga practice, that something was opening energetically in my hips and sacrum, also in my evening mediation practice .i reached a stronger grounding in the body, a clear connection to the heart and a peacefulness and concentration that, in the past was a rare treat .One day in the mirror I noticed my eyes seemed clear and laughter that’s I had known them before . Now just the few days after my cleaning I still feel the effects and thank you for all Maities from Denmark


June 11 2011 Empower you really in the best way to describe my experience , had 21 day of panchkarma it has been the hardest most intense cleanse I have ever done,but also the best. and I know it is just the beginning of a good of healthy transformation .shivani and Mahesh have really given me the tool and information to look at my health in a new light and continue to develop & grow. Lucille Light from Canada

-lucille light

12 july 2012 I did 26 day panchkarma , including a 6 day introduction to ayurveda course at the clinic. Dr. Mahesh + Shivani are very knowledgeable in there fields ,and their diagnosis and treatment were really helpful in helping to clean out and heal my body ,and how to change my lifestyle and diet to keep balanced and healthy .i also have a deeper Understanding now of my mind and emotion , And how to work with it and release negative ideas and behavior .it has not been an easy process , but was worth every minute. Thank you to everyone at the clinic who helped me during my time here! Carla from South Africa


All this time was an amazing experience of learning about myself and other ,learning to love your body and mind and kept it ,learning living the movement and not in the future or past,and so much practical knowledge of healing body and soul . The doctor are highly experienced sensitive to every patient, very helpful! Rita zlotnikova from Russia Israel

-Rita Zlotnikova

Shivani & Mahesh there is no word to say thank for the knowledge and help that it I got through Panchkarma .Much love Michal


I have just returned back to the USA from my 2nd visit to Shivani Clinic. I visited the first time last April, 2015 and returned last month for my 2nd visit. I was recovering from 3rd stage cancer with my immune system severely weakened from massive chemo and radiation. Upon my return back to the USA last May, following instruction with regard to the cleansing and nourishing medicines I was prescribed, my Dr.'s were amazed as we continued to watch my immune system get stronger and stronger. There was doubt that my red and white blood count would ever go back up to normal. However, upon my return this past month both my red and especially my white counts are perfect!!!! Yes a miracle, and I thank God, but I also know that part of the miracle was being led to Shivani clinic 2 years ago. My USA Dr.'s are honored to place Dr. Shivani Sood and Dr. Mahesh Kumar's report into my wellness file. I shall return each year and give thanks for the physical and emotional healing and welcoming accommodations at the Hotel Shivani International. Truly my gift and blessing! Dr. Nannette Pierson

-Rev. Dr. Nannet

I'm grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to do nine days of punchakarma at the Shivani clinic. The experience for me was life changing. Prior to doing the punchakarma, I suffered from anxiety, depression and PTSD.I also had difficulty with weight loss and arthritis that was all acquired in the military. There were many days were I felt like the walking dead. After the punchakarma and some recommendations of things to do when I got back home. My levels of concentration are awareness drastically increase. I no longer suffer from anxiety, depression are PTSD, and the struggle I had with weight loss and arthritis have improved tremendously. I am extremely thankful for the tools that Doctor Shivani and Doctor Mahesh were able to share with me, that gave my mind and body the opportunity to heal. Trishana

-Trishana Mangar

I loved my panchakarma experience at the Shivani Clinic and was so very satisfied with the results that I received in just 14-days! In my first consultation with Dr. Shivani, I knew I was in good hands. I learned so much about myself based on her knowledge of Ayurveda and psychology. Each day I received treatments and herbs that helped lift layers of age, fat, toxins and old emotions. A treatment plan was created to support me all of the way through. My daily massage was something I went to bed looking forward to. Every layer of treatment built upon the last and supported the intelligence of my body to find true balance through deep Ayurvedic wisdom. I left India looking and feeling amazing and was supported by the herbs that I brought home with me. I found the doctors to be so supportive and gracious. My experience at the Shivani Clinic brought to light the level of self care that is possible in order to live a healthy life. Panchakarma at the Shivani Clinic changed my life. I'm absolutely grateful for the connections that I made there within the staff of committed therapists, and the community of Bhagsu, and for the stunning natural environment of mountians and hiking trails that surrounded the clinic that I was able to explore. I will return!

-Cynthia LoRe

Hello, I did 21 days PanchaKarma. I stayed also in the Shivani Hotel. I think, I got the best treatment available. The whole team of doctors and therapists did great work. I felt very comfortable at their place. Collabortation between them and the Hotel (e.g. concerning meals) was very good. With flexibility of them, I could even join their ayurveda classes. To do a PanchaKarma is no vacation, but it is worth to do the work on oneself. Thank you very much for all. Best, Vanessa

-Vanessa Klaas