A training is much more than learning therapies and Ayurvedic concepts .It is one's introduction into the world of" Ayurveda ". Ayurveda has many ways of interpretations , but what is really important is to understand the logic and concepts of this science in a practical and scientific manner , meanwhile being passionate about it . Thats what our trainings exactly offer .


It is a step by step guidance to be a Therapist with knowledge and understanding of the human body and mind . It is done under the guidance of two specialist Doctors who have worked with their methods practically all over the world and thus teach from their experience .


The Panchakarma clinic provides a perfect base for the trainings and the students learn from various case studies . Moreover the "Art of Ayurvedic analysis "is something unique we offer which empowers student to diagnose and then offer treatment or therapies. Emphasis is also given on scientific understanding of all the all the procedure and  various precautions required to do it.