What is Ayurvedic Psychological Approach?

Who Am I “is the first question we need to ask our self rather that what I need to Become .Many people seek balance from different healing , theories trying to change themselves without accepting themselves . Self acceptance is the key to heal .It is really important to know who you are not only on a physical level but on a psychological level . It is also very important to introduce the understanding of psychological impact in ayurveda because it deepens the level of treatment . We all have a rational mind which is mode of comprehension we are typically conscious of , one which is more prominent in awareness, thoughtful, able to ponder and reflect . But alongside there is another system of knowing impulsive and powerful ,if sometimes illogical and this is called the emotional mind , A persons life history holds the key to various diseases /imbalances he suffers due to his way of thinking and his upbringing.

In Ayurvedic psychological approach we do a deep analysis of the history and personality of the patients and help them to understand their emotional patterns and behavior . The plan is designed according to the individual needs and special herbal supplements are given which target not only the body but also the mind. Special short consultations are given during the treatments for this guidance . This approach our ours is through the entire procedure and helps in various emotional and physical problem which completes the holistic approach .